Namaste, Motherfuckers


Alright… so there´s this trend going around where people do yoga, smoke weed, listen to the 3 hipster bands they know and therfore think they´re happy and at peace with the world because they can walk on their hands (which is super useful). If you´re one of these peeps… well, you´re NOT!

The other day I got into a heated argument with some yogui who was talking about the world and it´s energy and how ALL we need is peace for ourselves and the world will feel our love and give some back and if our desires deviate from this in the slightest way then we´re stupid and materialistic. I proceeded to tell her two things… #1 was that I wanted some of whatever it is she was smoking and #2 was that she´s wrong…

You guys gotta remember that I live in Mexico City and the stuff I see down here is really black/white, hot/cold and all about the extremes.

From my experience there are two types of yoguis, the ones who be like… Whatever, I live in one of the biggest cities in the world but I don´t need a car because I´m super flexible… WHAT!? What sense does this make? None whatsoever… They have taken the yogui lifestyle to extremes (and are usually super late because they don´t drive, it´s like… are you the real deal? Well then levitate to our meeting dude, but get there on time).

Also, they have probably gone vegetarian, pescatarian or vegan but don´t you dare ask them what any of those mean because you will not get an answer, what you´ll get is a sermon on why you should become those things also. Generally they don´t wear make up, hate heels and their most mention worthy attribute is that they can be a great pretzel if ever it should be needed in competitive charades.

Then there are the “yoguis”… these are the ones that drive their Mercedes of the year to their Bikram Yoga class and then go out and lecture you over a Starbucks on being a person of plenitude. Lecturing all of us ignorant people who don´t understand the importance of feng shui and things of that sort gets so exhausting for them that every once in a 14 days they have to go “reconnect with nature” to one of their many beach houses, so they take make sure to take they´re iphone, ipad, laptop and apple TV on that spiritual journey.

Of course while away from their yoga teacher, who they´re really close to and have had so much personal growth with (the fact that the teacher is also super hot is just a coincidence), they make sure to keep the practice going with the latest yoga app, duh! After practice they will have a long photoshoot on the beach (or some place there is a sunset) to show off their amazing new positions on instagram. Plus their workout outfit is sooooo cute and their butt looks great in those yoga pants.

Of course the “yoguis” have also gone vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian and if you ask them why they´ll say it´s for the health benefits… If you ask them what the benefits are they´ll have no freaking clue, so basically we can assume that they changed their diet because they saw that the other bitches who did it got super skinny.


I think it´s great when people are true to themselves and what they want in life. If the day of tomorrow your goal is to have the most amazing house, sports car, family, career or apple tree in your backyard… then I hope you damn straight do it! Wanting a house doesn´t make you emptier or dumber or more materialistic than the person who wants to have a kick ass apple tree.

What would make you dumb is telling people you´re striving for an apple tree when in reality you want that freaking house, and you´d be even dumber to actually start fighting for the tree if you only want it because you´re supposed to want it. Recently it´s like wanting a luxurious life style is frowned upon for some reason.

So everyone stop judging! If you want to be a yogui, or “yogui”, or rich, or famous, or a doctor then go do that! No ones gonna think your a better person because you became a photographer instead of a lawyer. The atristic, creative, mysterious personality is just as attractive as the successful, grounded, luxurious one.

So to all of you people who are deviating from what you want because your not supposed to want it…

You gotta tell the world…

Namaste, Motherfuckers.

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Super Foods

Recently I´ve been feeling a little bloated and after trying detox after detox and not seeing any results… I´ve decided to change to healthier eating habits. To tell you the truth I´ve always had a habit of eating healthy, but lately I´ve been feeling week and somewhat light headed. I thought this might be due to a lack of vitamins or minerals that I might not be getting. I wanted to feel better through food and, ¿ what better way to do this than simply incorporating super foods into my daily diet?

Here´s a list of a couple Super Foods that I have been eating recently and why…

1. Chia Seeds


Ch-Ch-Ch-CHIA! These seeds that look like tiny beans are an amazing source of protein and they don´t have any cholesterol. One 28 gram serving of chia seeds has about 4.4 grams of protein, nearly 10% of the daily value. Because of the protein your getting and a certain substance in the seeds, you also feel full for longer. Besides curving your appetite, the effect that chia has stablizing your blood sugar helps fight insulin resistance… this means less belly fat! WOOOOOP WOOOOOOOOP

The easiest way to take these seeds is by sprinkling them onto your salad or in your water. They are practically flavorless but if you leave them in your water for too long they can acquire an unpleasant slimy texture… so drink up fast!

2. Spirulina


For those of you who don´t know what Spirulina is, it is a natural algae that is incredibly high in protein, calcium and nutrients. It contains many essential amino acids, B-12 and is naturally high in iron content. Spirulina is very recommended for people who are on a vegetarian diet although it doesn´t completely substitute animal proteins.

You can take Spirulina in capsules or as powder. If you take it as powder you can mix one or two tablespoons of this into your smoothies daily. The downside of the powder is that does taste kind of like pond water, so be sure to mix some other yummy stuff in there too!

3. Quinoa


This super food has become a personal favorite of mine! Quinoa comes in several colors and looks sort of like a round rice or lentil when its raw. Once it´s cooked, it releases a little root that goes around the circumference. The most striking health benefit of quinoa is it´s overall nutrient richness. Most grains are considered to lack adequate amounts of amino acids and there for proteins, but not quinoa! This grain is considered a complete protein source. Although quinoa is in fact a grain and does have carbs, they are very good and healthy carbs that our bodies need to function properly. The best feauture of this super food is it´s anti-inflammatory benefits!

Quinoa is a great substitue for rice or pasta, and cooks basically the same way. So next time you´re at Vons, Publix, Wholefoods or wherever it is you shop, look for Quinoa and give it a try! I´m sure you´ll give yourself and your guests a tasty and healthy surprise!



This bird-food-look-alike seed is actually super delicious! Like mos other super foods, it contains many minerals, vitamins, proteins and nutrients that will help keep us healthy and fuller for longer. It also has high levels of fiber and helps boost our immune system, so it´s good for preventing diseases. Some studies have even shown that amaranth has proven to fight premature greying of the hair, but I don´t know how much of this is true!

Amaranth bars are an excellente desert option! Usually made with honey and water and sometimes with raisins or peanuts, these sweet delights are a light and yummy option to satisfy that sweet tooth!

Give these super foods a try and see if you too feel better!

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FAUL and Wad Ad vs. Pnau – Changes

For all of you who like a nice and chill but still sexy sound… here´s Changes for you…

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Kaskade vs. Martin Garrix

That moment when the beat drops… Delicious!

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Tiesto – Red Lights

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Top Festivals of the Summer

Well as you know summer is just around the corner. You know what this means… skimpy bikinis, sun kissed skin and a good time overdose.

For under the sun fun this summer, I´m going to tell you the TOP 3 festivals to look out for:

1. EDC Las Vegas:


This three day festival (June 20,21,22) is causing a commotion with great expectations. The line-up hasn´t even been released yet and the festival is already SOLD OUT. That´s right, sold out! So for all you party animals smart enough to get your tickets on time, don´t you dare miss it for the world! 


2. Tomorrowland (Belgium):

Tomorrowland 2012 Day 1

If you happen to be vacationing in Europe this summer and Belgium just turns out to be a stop… make sure it´s between the 18th and 27th of July. As for European locals, well this is a must. This crazy festival is a two weekend delight who´s headliners include: Benny Bennasi, Skrillex, Steve Aoki and other scene favorites.


Weekend 1: July 18, 19, 20

Weekend 2: July 25, 26, 27

3. Frequency (Austria) 


How many chances does one get to see Placebo, Skrillex, Crystal Fighters and Gogol Bordello in the same venue? I don´t know about you but I could pretty much die in peace after that! This festival takes place in St. Polten, Austria on August 14, 15 and 16.



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Cinderella (She said her name) – Bob Sinclair

New favorite… Just sexy sexy perfection…

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